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Meet the Team Behind the Scenes!

Ellie Balian - BHS Accredited Professional Coach is very proud and extremely thankful to be supported by a number of industry professionals who continuously contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of  her horses.   For more information on each of the individuals detailed below, please click on their logo! 

Alison Parker Photography - Apollo Equine Massage - Adam Watts Dipwfc - Matt Moister Equine Dentist - WHVC

alison photography.jpg
matt moister.jpg

The Horses



She may be the smallest on the yard but she undoubtedly has the biggest personality and never fails to make you smile! She will turn a hoof to anything but really loves show jumping, especially against the clock!

C08_2670{Class 4 - 1_edited.png


The gentle giant, Exclusive, is the newest addition to the family. We have been producing him slowly and have recently jumped clear in our first 1.20cm together. I am so excited for our future together, he is such an incredible horse!



Ellie is very lucky to have the ride of this pretty mare, owned by Kate Brocklehurst. We love Blue like she is our own and so grateful to Kate for all her kindness and support. Blue is definitely growing up to be a very talented, speedy jumping horse and we are all excited for her future.



Silvana is such a special mare that we have owned for 10 years now. She was Ellie's first horse who introduced her to the world of British Show Jumping where they made so many amazing memories together, including a gold medal on the national team. 

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